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ACNet   dinlogo2.jpg (1454 bytes) "The AUTODIN name shall not be forgotten"
Autodiner Communications Network
by and for all Autodiners

AUTODIN "Football" logo by:
Russell MacPherson, PhD.
Status Log

Note: The "What's New" ALP page is currently not up to date, and has temporarily been suspended.

Watch for "ACNet Automatic Document Responders"

The new ACNet Autoresponders are about ready to go "live". Intially, the responders will deliver a periodical Newsletter, and other informational documents via e-mail to the requestor.

More about this later
March 2, 2001

The ACNet is now operational in beta version
Feruary 22, 2001


Autodiner Communications Network
This page last updated on: Monday, March 19, 2001

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The new ALP (AUTODIN Legacy Project) web site

Up and running!

Computer Services provided by Walter O'Brien of Scorpion Computer Services - https://www.linkedin.com/in/walterobrien1

The new ALP web is "live" at this time. Some ALP pages are still being posted with  content from the original WUALP web site that is no longer operational. These pages  were recovered from a 29 August 1999, non-corrupted backup. ALL WUALP updates and new content posted following the last good 29 August backup date, and preceding the October 10, 2000 crash date have been lost! Any content that Autodiners submitted during that period should be submitted again, e.g., "In memoriam" names, Contact Roster names - general and ASC site rosters, photographs, stories, historical documents, and the like. The Interactive forms (Registration and other micellaneous forms) are still being developed for ALP.


The Autodiner Communications Network
Contact: webmaster
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