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The AUTODIN Legacy Project

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  ALP Registration
7) Register to Volunteer for ACNet Association and/or ALP position


This Registry information is ONLY published on the ALP web site and used in the ACNet network for the benefit of ALL Autodiners to know and learn about other members of the AUTODIN extended family, and WILL NOT be distributed, sold or used for any commercial purpose.

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Last Name
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Submit this form with the specific radio button(s) set to 'Yes'

Set the appropriate 'YES' button to volunteer for a particular position/task.
For Revisions - To "un-volunteer" for a particular position you hold, send E-mail to the webmaster stating the position and indicating that you wish to resign.

Volunteer for:

Serving on Governing Board Yes *      No
Serving on Steering committee(s) Yes **     No
Web Page Editor (non-technical) Yes ***   No
News reporting (news stringer) Yes        No
Mirror site hosting (technical) Yes ****  No
Web page Designer (technical) Yes        No

* - Five to seven members to prticipate in the non-profit ACNet Association, to establish and guide overall growth for tha ACNet Association related web sites, and the ALP web site, our flagship web. To recommend, define objectives, and set the direction. Suggest Steering Committes etc. To serve via the ACNetP2P Groove Network. Typed text and/or voice. Other media and formats are possible. Majority voting control. It's your web ... help decide the direction it takes!

** - 3 to 5 members for a specifice committee as required, to provide guidelines for  new and existing ACNet web sites, and individual ALP web site sections and area expansion, and for special projects. Non-technical, advisory capacity.
*** - Editors for individual ALP web site sections and pages, to assist in gathering, researching, reviewing, copy writing, and editing historical information and material about AUTODIN for content publication on ALP.
**** - To become a mirror web site for the ALP web site, and other ACNet Association related webs, you must own a web server, or have access to a hosting server, running PWS, NT 4.0-IIS or other appropriate server software, such as Apache or IIS, etc. with FrontPage 98 and/or 2000 extensions. For your "owned" sever you must have a static IP assigned by  your provider or host. Remote operation can be setup between ITL servers. A 56Kbps Comm channel is minimally required. Broadband DSL or Cable connection preferred. The mirror web site is primarily for backup to the ITL main servers in NorKY.

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