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The AUTODIN Legacy Project

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  ALP Registration
4) Register Your Job History


This Registry information is ONLY published on the ALP web site and used in the ACNet network for the benefit of ALL Autodiners to know and learn about other members of the AUTODIN extended family, and WILL NOT be distributed, sold or used for any commercial purpose.

Form Type:    New    Revison

Last Name
First Name

For Revisions - only enter changes in the fields to revise for a particular line. For example, if you are revising the 3rd  entry line for a previous entry submitted, then post the field(s) in the 3rd line field(s) below with your revision.

Section or Title Government Contractor Location From To
Section or Title - Other Location - Other

For Revisions -
only enter line number and text to add or insert, or line number only to delete or replace

Your TimeLine Event Entries Enter Job History TimeLine
Enter optional TimeLine milestones and events in the free-form format such as:

1. Date[s] - Description of event
2. Date[s] - Description of event
3. etc.

Example or previous entry submitted:

1. January 1, 2001 - I was promoted to Supervisor at so-and-so ....

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