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The AUTODIN Legacy Project

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About the ALP Web Site
The AUTODIN Legacy Project web site
(formerely the Western Union AUTODIN Legacy Project (WUALP) web site
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Beginning in 1962 the AUTODIN network computer based communication centers were originally called "AESC's (Automatic Electronic Switching Centers)" during the Western Union era. This name was later changed to ASC (AUTODIN Switching Center) as the project evolved and came under the auspices of later companies who became the prime contractors after Western Union. Both names are used interchangeably throughout the pages of the ALP web site. The meaning is the same (see the "Glossary" pages).

The ALP web site has been setup to provide information that reconstructs and preserves the historical record about the AUTODIN system during the Western Union and subsequent prime contractor eras. The information herein covers the period from the conception of AUTODIN in the late 1950's until it's planned closure, and subsequent replacement by the DMS (Defense Messaging System). AUTODIN was originally developed and maintained by Western Union as prime contractor on the project from 1961 until the 1990's.

Moreover, no historical record is complete without including the  present time, and, where the AUTODIN system may be headed in the future.

Subsequent prime contractor companies and their personnel became directly involved with AUTODIN over it's current 40 year life cycle.Consequently, we changed the name of this web from WUALP (Western Union AUTODIN Legacy Project) to just ALP (AUTODIN Legacy Project), so as to include follow-on historical data during subsequent prime contractor eras.

Another major purpose of ALP is to provide a "gathering place", (watering hole if you will), and point of contact for ALL AUTODIN project personnel (Autodiners), past and present. Former Western Union employees (nicknamed "Autodiners" - by Tony Platt) that worked in the WU AUTODIN system, and including ASC, Contel, GTE, Philco-Ford, SAIC, DynaCorp, the Military, and the Government Service Federal employees.

All Autodiners are all encouraged to register as an AUTODIN System fellow members. Whether you register or not, we still invite you to browse our site. We also appreciate feedback. Please don't forget to sign our Guest Book to let us know what you think about ALP!

We welcome ALL content from contributors

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