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New Feature:
"Autodiners Mug Shot Gallery"
March 24, 2001

We have decided to post a sort of "Rogues Gallery" composed of Autodiner "Mug Shots". The DIN Mug Shots have been started as an "AUTODIN 40 Year Album". The pictures are just head-shots with names only. The beginning pages are an example of the what the Album will look like, and  will give you an idea of how the "Rogues Gallery" or "Mug Shots" Album is structured. There will be 12 photos on each Album page. The pictures will eventually be placed in alphabetical order as the Album site grows. Each Album page contains an index bar at the top of each page for indexing Autodiner "Last Names". Bruce Suttle has suggested, that if at all possible, Autodiner pictures should look like themselves when they worked, or are currently working in the System. If you have any "old" photos of yourself, or others, (with a group or otherwise), send it in. We will edit etc, locally.

The new Autodiner "Mug Shot" Gallery

Real-Time Communications News
May 05, 2001

The Real-Time Communication News page is a news source about what is currently happening in the communications equipment industry. The News links are updated automatically on a random basis.  The headline links will display the site where the story is currently running. After reviewing the story you must click the back arrow on your browser to return to the ALP headline news page. Stories are current and from over 1,500 world-wide news organizations!

Go To Communications Headline News Story page

Note: You can always access the News Feed page from the links directly under the ALP Home Page "Visitors Counter"


Built-in WWW Search Engine
March 9, 2001

The Google search engine has been integrated into ALP for your convenience. It is located on the ALP "Search" page where you can either search the ALP site locally or expand your searches to the World Wide Web. Google is our engine of choice! The Google search database now claims over 1.3 Billion web pages indexed.

Many searches take less that a second! The Google folks don't use main-frames to crawl the Net, and create the index the Net. They use thousands (approximately 8,000 PC's in tandem to perform these functions and searching the index).

It's on the ALP "Search" page

Very effecient ... Try it! You'll like it! We do!

March 9, 2001

The "InfoLinks" page has been created for your reference to posted Links pointing to categorical web sites relating to WWW searching, Historical sources for AUTODIN Contractors, Vendors, and Research sources.

You can submit URL's for sites you believe to be good referential candidates and that Autodiner's might find interesting and useful.

The URL table has been sectioned and indexed for your convenience.

Look here first for your research sources!

Interesting Information Links

Send your InfoLinks to the webmaster!

Group "Get Togethers"
March 9, 2001

A section has been installed for posting announcements of:

Autodiner "Get Togethers"

Breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, meetings, reunions,  picnics, etc, by Autodiner groups and their friends who get together for a one time, or periodic "gab fest" can be submitted to the webmaster for posting on the group page.

A form has been provided for announcing a "Get Together" schedule. Currently three groups are represented in this section.

Establish your "Get-Toegther Group in your area !!

AUTODIN Prologue
March 9, 2001
By Bob Pollard

An overview of the AUTODIN System from it's inception, forty year operational history and the advent of the AUTODIN replacement called the DMS (Defense Message System)
[click here to begin].

You can view the Prologue by clicking the main Navigation button on the home page  labeled "Prologue" The original "Mission Statements" page has been moved beneath  the new "Prologue" page.

Although many Autodiners may find enough information here, we still invite you to delve further into the accumulation of rich history currently being documented for AUTODIN.

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