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AUTODIN Legacy Project
Disclaimer and Legal Position Statement
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The ACNet Association, and the web sites in the autodin.net domain
are NOT contracted by the U.S. GOVERNMENT.There are no

The  AUTODIN Legacy Project, also known as ALP, is an unofficial AUTODIN web site created for historical purposes such as reconstructing and preserving the history of the AUTODIN system, and is a non-profit, non-commercial entity. The  AUTODIN Legacy Project is not associated with, nor sanctioned or sponsored by,  Western Union (past or present owners of such name), New Valley Corporation, FirstData, or the United States Department of Defense (also known as US DoD, DOD or DoD), or any commercial contractor or vendor, or, noncommercial organization. Further, the AUTODIN Legacy Project is not associated with any World Wide Web AUTODIN, DTH or DMS web site using the name AUTODIN (AUTOmatic DIgital Network), AESC (Automatic Electronic Switching Center/), ASC (AUTODIN Switching Center) or similar names and acronyms, and other terminology that originated in and is quoted from the Western Union Corporation contractor, or from any subsequent contractor's era of the AUTODIN System.

1.0 - The AUTODIN Legacy Project does not knowingly publish; any submitted material that is classified by the DoD, or submitted proprietary articles, or other materials such as text (in whole or in part), graphics, photographs, symbols, clipart or other publishable items that are proprietary to the protected owner, and are subject to International and United States copyright and trademark laws. Copyright holders that have not filed written "permission to publish" for such material  with the ALP webmaster, or ITL (InfoTracers Limited) Systems Administrator, as such owner or holder od such coypyrighted material can submit a request or order to "cease and desist", or a "permission to publish, or cite, in whole or in part", such material.  The ALP webmaster or ITL Systems Administrator, upon receiving a notice and proof, of copyrighted material published without permission, on the ALP web site, will immediately remove the material in violation of the copyright holder's cited specified material, in the absence of a "permission to publish or cite" the specified material on file or stored within electronic, or any type of communication media, with ALP (formerely known as  WUALP).

2.0 - Users, who submit material for publication on the ALP web site, shall include the name of the source for such material, the originality of such material, or a copy of a "permission to publish or cite" statement from the copyright holder of any proprietary article or material,  including, but not limited to; graphics, symbols, clipart, photographs,  proprietary logo's, company names, trademarked names or any  material that is not an original work of the user submitting such material. An ALP web site user who knowingly submits such proprietary material to the WUALP webmaster or ITL Systems Administrator, and is subsequently published by the WUALP webmaster or ITL Systems Administrator, without  such permissions, that submitter will be solely liable for any litigation arising between the user or submitter and the copyright or trademark owner, resulting from such alleged violation.

3.0 - The ALP web site is a user voluntary effort, snd is a collective effort created for and by past and present contractor, civilian, military or United States government personnel that was, or is currently associated with  the AUTODIN System (aka DTH - DMS Transition Hub), or, it's evolved systems as DTH or DMS,   and in no way shall any official member or unofficial volunteer user be held liable, individually or collectively as a group, for violations of the copyright, trademark or patent laws, as referred to above, or any other kind of legal infraction of any proprietary law, United States or International, if and when such violations are alleged to have occurred. The ALP sponsoring body will immediately review such claims of violation, and take the necessary expedient action to remove, expunge or otherwise eliminate the offending material cited from the ALP online Internet web site content.

4.0 - The ALP web site is a non-profit, free access site, for use by all Internet users. There are no dues, fees or other charges, in order to become an  AUTODIN Legacy Project registered member, or ALP user. No advertising is accepted from any commercial organization. Material submitted by any user considered by the ALP Systems Administrator, to be of a commercial nature will not be published.

5.0 - Submitted material or items containing profane, or otherwise offensive language, depicted within printed or electronic storage media, including any and all text or graphics, submitted within such content, by a user submitting such content through forms or discussion boards, will be rejected and removed by voluntary editors acting on behalf of the ALP web site board of governors, or at the direction of the  ITL Systems Administrator

6.0 - Subjects, and material or content, that are considered to be controversial or inflamatory by the ALP web site webmaster or ITL Systems Administrator, will not be accepted for publication on the ALP web site. This condition also applies to articles by any user, published in any discussions group on the Discussions board page, or section Article Board page. This requirement is not to be construed as a form of censorship. The ALP web site only publishes material considered to be directly, or indirectly, related to the historical documentary mission by the ALP web site publishers. Specific material described above in this article includes, but is not limited to:

6.1 - political commentary, elections, electioneering material by government officials at any level of government, the military services, covert or overt presentation of political philosophy,

6.2 - racial or ethnic biased material deemed to be prejudicial, or, in violation of an individual's civil rights under  Federal Statutes, defamation of character, or objectionable content or material in any form,

6.3 -religious material or content, and/or holiday material, deemed to be religious in nature,

6.4 - pornographic subjects and any related material in any form; such as text, pictures, graphics, animations, symbols, vulgarities, profanity will not be published.

6.5 - Inflammatory material or content that promotes or advocates violence of any kind, in any form.

The above content and material classification is purely arbitrary by the ALP webmaster and ITL Systems Administrator. Deemed content and material, as defined within the classifications cited in this paragraph, can or may have, antagonistic, belligerent, derogatory or condescending effect on, or about, users of the ALP web site, and has no useful or  informational value to the historical documentary mission and to this forum. Controversial material within the cited classifications, if published in any form on the ALP web site, would require additional management effort, through monitoring and arbitration activities of such material placed on the site through the interactive Discussion board and Article board pages, chat room, and other forms of input to the ALP web site. Further, the ALP webmaster and ITL Systems Administrator cannot arbitrate disputes between users, arising from such content and material.

7.0 - All copyrighted material, service marks, trademarks, company or corporate names,  or other proprietary material or items, are the exclusive property of their respective owners.

8.0 The material published on the ALP web site is exclusively owned by all Autodiners who are listed in the online "AUTODIN Personnel Contact Roster". None of the material may be used in a commercial enterprise, or otherwise cited in whole, without the express written  permission of  the Autodiner who originally submitted the specific item, and of the ALP web site webmaster, jointly.


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