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  Attack On America!  
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Here is a series of four slideshow pictures taken on 11 September  Emotions have been running full scale from 1 to 10 as viewers look at these shots.  Very, very sad and extremely sobering!!!! Please be sure to view sequence number 3 if you look at 1 and/or 2 !


Live Photo Shots taken of September 11, 2001 Event

Four complete PPS photo slideshows

1) First Sequence, 43 slides, 628 KB load size
2) Tom Repasy Sequence, 73 slides, 1.74 MB load size
3) Russell MacPherson Sequence, 14 slides, 529 KB load size
** 4) John LoPiccolo Sequence, . 1.83 MB load size

NOTE: Best viewed with PowerPoint 97 SR-1
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Submitted by: (
On file) - We cannot vouch for the source!
Editors Note: We cannot vouch for the authenticity or the source of this photograph. Note the time stamp in lower right-hand corner. This could be a superimposition. Although we cannot determine the validity, perhaps some of you photography buffs can make the determination. However, it is believed there were tourists atop the tower. But ... was it Winter time ??

Here is the caption that came with the submission:

"This picture was taken by a tourist atop the World Trade Center. His camera was found in the rubble, but he has not been found. Amazing and sad ... Be sure and check out the date in lower Right Hand Corner"

"I will not send a two million dollar missle at a ten dollar tent, just to hit a camel in the butt".

GW Bush

" ... but, it turns out to be a HOAX!!"

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Also ...

For those who think the above photo is real ! (NOTE: This guy really gets around ... and seems to be dressed for every occasion!)

Attack On America!
Still Photos Index Seq-1

Photos Extracted from Slide Sequences Above

For those Autodiners who do not have MS PowerPoint and wish to view the slide photos individually


Currently, the Still Photos in this Index references the frames in slide sequence 1. The photos are presented to show the damage to both the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. As Terry Damon's article on "The Soap Box" page in the Autodiners section indicates, none of the AUTODIN communication lines passed through the WTC buildings. Had they done so, the AUTODIN system would have been severely disrupted. Even though AUTODIN C&C may have existed in the Pentagon, Terry indicates that there was no disruption to AUTODIN traffic. Please be advised that many of the photos are quite disturbing and you are cautioned in advance. Photo "Stills" Albums will be published for both the slide sequences 2 and 3 ASAP.

Comments Received From Users
About the WTC "Incrdible Photo"

1) "That picture has also been proven a Hoax Don. Note he's wearing winter clothing and it was a warm day in NY on September 11, 2001. It was on some of the news programs and they said it was a hoax."

2) "There was also something they mentioned about the aircraft's direction of approach, forgot just what the details were on that."

3) "I have seen this picture several times on the web and it had to be
cropped.  There is no way the subject or the person taking the picture would
not have heard the jet coming.  Even if they were deaf they still would have
felt the vibration in the air with a jet that close."

4) "The observation deck was not open until 9:30 a.m. Another indication that the photo was a hoax!"

5) " ... do you notice that the guy is wearing a winter coat and hat?"

6) Here is the HOAX photo of the "Airliner about to impact WTC ..." while the "tourist" is having his picture taken. Explanation and paste-over located on the CSICOP.ORG page at: http://www.csicop.org/hoaxwatch/#hoax757 .

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