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November 11, 1998
ALP News Ticker Headlines last updated:  December 16, 2001
AUTODIN, DTH, DMS News Bulletins --- Autodiner Art Galbraith, former Site Manager , McClellan ASC, and son Alan Galbraith Breaks World Speed Record! - See story below in Current News Index column --- We Propose a "Computerized Record Communuications Switching Systems" Web Ring - see News link Below Ticker --- ALP Discussion Boards and Forums are Back !!! Called the "Forums" (see below) --- Updated "My Scrapbook" section now accessible from "Archives" section ... condensed version of AUTODIN history from ALP ... make up your own Scrapbook! ... Copy/Paste what you want from your browser screen for your own personal "Scrapbook" ---- Upgraded ALP Registry Directory & Multi-Part Registration Forms (also updated) now available online ... Register only the data you want published ... ALL your data submitted now published online! ... Sign up now! --- Want to "get something off your chest ?" ... Send in your article/speech and we'll publish it on "The Soap Box" ... the Autodiners Vox Populi-DIN page !!! Current topic: "Another Day that will Live in Infamy" (also the first article published)! --- Three Autodiner "Get-Together group announcement Sections (Andrews, Gentile, & Hancock) now installed in the ALP "Autodiner Get-Together" section ... Start your own GT Group! --- Stay tuned ! ------ END ------
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ALP - the AUTODIN Legacy Project
Dedicated to the Reconstruction and Preservation of the History of
AUTODIN to DMS ... and the System Legacy

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The ACNet Association, and the web sites in the domain
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ALP, ACNet and the WWW "" domain are unofficial components of the Internet dedicated to the objectives of recording the history, development, operation, and maintenance, and the people who worked the AUTODIN project and it's current replacement system, DMS. These virtual components DO NOT have the sanction of any private or government entity, or organization. The published  content of this Network is solely the responsibility of the ACNet System Administrator and ALP webmaster!

Take a look at the following:

AUTODIN Brochure - Introductory letter to the AUTODIN Brochure,
1963, by: Peter J. Schenk, Vice President
Western Union Telegraph Company
Government Communications Systems.

AUTODIN had it's beginning in 1958 When a special United States Air Force Planning Group developed  a concept for an automatic, electronically controlled data handling network to meet the growing USAF demands for faster logistics support reaction to the continually expanding, complex, global air operations.
October 26, 2001

Western Union Chronology of Events
1979 to 1995
(The road to corporate oblivion) - October 8, 2001

Attack On America!

When it's   that   time of   Year !!!
A 1040 Form for the rest of us computer communicators!!

How ALP got here ... or, something to think about !
A Story worth repeating!
Note: The computer based Message Switching AUTODIN
System predated Packet Switching ARPANET by almost
10 Years!!!

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New Features

ALP "Story Boards" are being implemented throughout the site
Story Boards are being implemented and associated with many of the ALP web site subsections. Autodiners can post (publish) their own personal stories about themselves, other Autodiners, places, things and events. A central "Story Board Index" page is currently under construction. Some Boards are already activated and linked from the Index. Boards can also be accessed from the web pages in the sections they are associated with.
November 29. 2001

Currently on the Soap Box:
"Another Day That Will Live In Infamy"
by Terry M. Damon,
September 11, 2001

Send in you Editorial/Commentary on any AUTODIN/DMS related subject.
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Some Additional Features !!

DMSWatch - Not yet implemented - Coming Soon! ... Send in your articles about DMS

The Phoenix
"We're back from October 10, 2000" - submitted by Tim Tierney
(well, not completely, but we're working on it)
WUALP Rises (is rising) Again as the NEW ALP!

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ALP Discussion Boards and Forums section has been re-activated
Recent E-mail exchanges between several Autodiners prompted the re-activation of the ALP Message Boards and Forums. You can reach the Forums Topic Page from any ALP page button on the "Shortcut" Bar, or you can go to the ALP Forum "jumping off" page by clicking the 'Forums' Button on the main navigation bar.
October 14. 2001

The ACNet Groove Project has been placed in abeyance for the current time. This is due to the heavy resource requirements placed on client PC's for full implementation. Several Autodiners who wish to install ACNet have been unable to do so since they do not have the resources needed. Groove Networks is working on a "client only" system that will not require the heavy resource drain as the current full node does. When released at that time, we will review the system and if indicated, we will reopen the ACNet Project. We are also reviewing other peer-to-peer solutions at this time.
September 24. 2001

The new "ALP Register Forms" are available for Autodiner use March 11, 2001

Join RWUEA ...
The "
Retired Western Union Employees Association"
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Work In Progress (ALP major revisions) - October 2, 2001

    Autodiner Contact Listings
      The Contact Listing section is currently undergoing a major revision in both format and personnel data access. There are over 2,000 names and their associated data being posted on the revised pages. The effort is a work in progress.

   ASC Staffing pages
New page formats and content updates

    Photo Gallery in the Archive section
All "Photo Albums" in the Photo Gallery subsection of the Archives section are undergoing re-design for better appearance and presentation. When completed, there will be over 1,000 photographs of the AUTODIN system. Another work in progresss


More to come !

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The new ALP Register Forms have now
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are a multi-part set broken into 7 parts.
Parts 1 and 2 are required. Submit any  or
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about yourself that you wish to have posted in the Registry.
Even if you have registered in the past on the
old WUALP web site or the last form on the
ALP site.

We recommend that you register again
using the new forms.

Remember ...
as a Federal, Military or Contractor Autodiner you can REGISTER with ALP
Registration Forms Index and Information

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Current News Stories Index
Read all about it! December, 2001

Breaking the World Land Speed Records!
Autodiner Art Galbraith, former Site Manager, McClellan ASC, and son Alan Galbraith have done it!
December 13, 2001
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Proposed CRCSS
Web Ring

Read about joining this Web Ring
December 8, 2001
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The new "ALP Register Forms" are available for Autodiner use
April 23, 2001
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ACNet is a "virtual" closed network
NOTE: See the notice under "Announcements" in the middle column on this page.
March 4 , 2001
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ACNet (Autodiner Communications Network) is now operational!
March 4 , 2001
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Acknowledging an Innovator
March 1 , 2001
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Coming "Groove" Updates
March 1 , 2001
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About the ALP web site (formerly WUALP)
October 10, 2000
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Significant Events Index
October 10, 2000

Hancock's Closing Message - comments by Jack Miller
[ Top ]

McClellan Closing - comments by Ron Ondracek
[ Top ]

Andrews Closing - comments by Tim Tierney
Top ]

The Oklahoma City Tornados
comments by:
Harpie Pettiet
[ Top ]

The AUTODIN "Football Pennant"
A short story by:
Russell MacPherson, PhD.
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October  2001

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October  2001

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Bin Layden

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Cable Modem and DSL (e.g., ADSL, G.lite, IDSL, SDSL) USERS. Tips on increasing speed, enhancing security, fixing problems, sharing a connection, and more.
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