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The AUTODIN Legacy Project

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AUTODIN Forums & Interview Boards
One-on-one discussions, meetings, deferred messaging
"The Autodiners Watering Hole"
A. J. Platt, 1998

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Instant Messenger
(talk to us!)

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Autodiners !!
Volunteer to be Interviewed?

Interviews will be posted on the
Autodiners Interview' Boards

Contact: webmaster

Enter 'Interview'
in the E-mail Subject Line

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Start your own discussion group - Easy boards to use
(Discussion boards and Autodiner interview boards)

Any topic ...

Start and/or Moderate your own discussion group

Join a discussion group already in progress

Multiple concurrent discussions

Interactive threaded message posts and replies

Do Round-Tables or one-on-one discussions

Deferred messaging

Virtual get-togethers

Meetings for any purpose


Plain old "bull sessions"

... or just surf the groups and read ongoing discussions,
or read interviews conducted with Autodiners

Go to the ALP Forums TOC now !

Also, check out the "Autodiners Interview" Boards!

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