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Amateur Radio Operators
Autodiners who are also "Hams"

Where to find more information about Autodiners on ALP

This page is dedicated to those Autodiners who are/were also Ham Radio Operators. Any Autodiner who is (or was) also a "Ham", please send your particulars to the webmaster for listing on this page. Other Autodiners may wish to contact you for a QSO if you are still active! Set the subject line of your E-mail to "Ham".

Handle Active* Call
E-mail Bands Worked Orgs.
Jim Bishop Y N8GTE OH bish.sr@att.net ? ?
Howard Boring - Checking CA Silent Keys (C. 1992) - -
Chuck Hendrix - AD4MO --- Silent Keys (6/2/01) - -
Don Holtzclaw N W4YXR KY dholtz@autodin.net NA NA
Wallace "Jeff" Lord Y WA8ZFG OH JEFFLORD@worldnet.att.net ? ?
John V. Morton Y WA4UMR KY wa4umr@bellsouth.net ? ?
Bruce L. Suttle N W8AJV OH blsuttle@attbi.com NA NA
Clarence Tsukano - Checking OH(?) Silent Keys (C. 1990's) - -
Jack Vantrump Checking Checking MO(?) vantrump@greenhills.net ? ?
O. C. "Dick" Warren Y W7TIO UT ocwarren@juno.com ? ?
Paul Wood Y W8EXG GA w8exg@bellsouth.net ? ?

* No longer active - License Expired, Licensed but not active, or deceased (Silent Keys)

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