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The AUTODIN Legacy Project

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Communications News About AUTODIN
"Past and Present"
... and Articles about COMLOGNET, AFDATACOM, DTH, DMS, The Internet, and
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News Index

Index to News articles that have appeared in various media. The articles are news from the past, present, and what may be occurring in the future as the AUTODIN system continues to evolve from a world-wide centralized, computer based message switching system, to a packet switching sytem apparently using the World wide Internet grid and a collection of decenteralized switches.

Articles indexed here may also appear, or be referenced from other parts of the ALP web, e.g., the "Archives" page. Articles are accepted and welcome from all Autodiners, Autodiner News Stringers, and other interested users.

Short articles can be sent via the "Instant Messenger" or by "Flash" message that uses a variety of communications media!

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Overview of Virus Attack Trends - You are vulnerable!

State of Iowa sues New Valley Corporation (Oct 2000)

Introduction to the AUTODIN System (1962 - 2000)

AUTODIN Clarification Document

Chantilly History - AUTODIN Transition Document

DOD AUTODIN Contingency Readisness Plans Document

FCC Fact Sheet # 1

Historical Evolution of AUTODIN - Document

Text from back of photograph reference on "AUTODIN Live" page

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