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ALP Registration Forms Index
The Alp Registration Forms are a multi-part registration
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The ACNet-ALP web site Autodiner registration is a multi-part form. To register any part you must first submit Registration Form 1. Form 1 registers your identity, comprised of your full name, E-mail address and a personal password that you specify, so that only you can create a new registration, or revise a previous registration that you submitted in the past. Parts 1 and 2 are required to become registered with ALP. Parts 3 through 7 are optional.

More Information about the Registry and Registration Forms

  1. Forms Index:

    1. ALP - Personal Identification and Password Registration Form (required) - To create a new registration, or revisions of your existing registration data - Your identification consisting of Full name, E-mail address, and Password

    2. ALP - Personal Information Registration Form
      (required) - Mailing address, and other contact information. Street address,   Telephone and Fax numbers are optional fields. - Modified October 29, 2001

    3. ALP - AUTODIN Training History Registration Form
      (optional) - Specify AUTODIN training schools attended, location, course providers, courses attended, and course duration

    4. ALP - Job History and TimeLine Registration Form
      (optional) - Section assignments, Title(s), Employer(s), Location(s), "From" and "To"   years - Also, you can optionally list your employment "Timeline" documenting major events during your tenure in AUTODIN.

    5. ALP - Other Interests and Comments Registration Form
      (optional) - Free form entry fields for listing other personal interests, e.g. hobbies, sports, collections etc., and for posting comments about your career in AUTODIN.

    6. ALP - Submit Content for Publication Registration Form
      (optional) - Selection of content type about AUTODIN - historical, technical, management and overview papers and publications, that you may or can submit for publication on ALP. either authored by you or written by others (with permission to publish)

    7. ALP - Volunteer Registration Form
      (optional) - Select volunteer position(s) in such service areas as the governing body, steering committee(s), remote web page editing, news reporting (past and present), web page designer, and/or mirror site hosting. Positions where you believe you can  provide a service, or assistance in managing the ACNet, and the ALP and other related web sites.

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