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as a Federal, Military or Contractor Autodiner you can REGISTER with ALP
Registration Forms Index and Information

Registry Expanded: The Autodiner Registry has been modified and expanded. We are receiving more Registration Forms each week from new Autodiners, as well as updating forms from existing registered Autodiners. The Registry will become the starting point for tracing Autodiners referenced throughout the ALP web site and ACNet system. Past and present co-workers, old friends and acquaintances are a click away, if they registered. Sometimes they can also be located on the "ALP Personnel Contact Listing" - click "Contacts" on the 'shortcut' bar at the top of this page, and most ALP pages.

FREE E-mail Address: As a registered member (register now if you are not yet registered) of the ACNet Association you are entitled to a FREE relay E-mail address on the ACNet "" system. Initially, mail sent to your box on the domain will be automatically forwarded to another E-mail address of your choice (such as your address on your ISP account). A copy will be retained here as a matter of record for your protection. Your "" mailbox will act as a "mail relay". All E-mails addressed to you with attachment(s) will be automatically scanned for viruses before being automatically forwarded to your mailbox of choice. This adds another level of protection against E-mail viruses. Soon, we will be implementing our own stand-alone SMTP Mail server where you can "pick up" your mail directly from your box. For now, select your mailbox name and the current E-mail address you want your mail forwarded to, and send them to the webmaster, or, enter that information into the Guest Book log-in form. Although NOT mandatory, it is recommended that you use your First and Last name as your relay mailbox name, e.g.: . - November 24, 2001

If you haven't registered yet, why not register now ... ?

Once you have registered, you may also use selected Registration Forms at any time to revise or update your registry entry. New sections that may have been added to the Registration Form since you submitted your initial registration, such as "Training History", "Job History TimeLine" and "Comments",  can be updated using the form. We suggest that you keep your registry information up-to-date and accurate as possible, so others can find you and find out about you.

Is it time to update your existing registration data ??? Update NOW ...

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More Information about the Registry and Registration Forms

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