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The AUTODIN Legacy Project

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ALP Site Search

Searches this web site only. Use "and", "or", "not", parenthesis, quoted strings, and * (asterisk - as a wildcard) to join search terms or phrases. It's best to use all lower case characters, even for proper names. Once you jump to a result page, use your Browsers "Find" in page to search for keywords on selected target pages. See examples below.

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Google Safe Search blocks pornographic and explicit sexual content from search results. Over 3.5 Billion web pages indexed.


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Some examples  of search criteria: - For ALP web searches

1) john and smith - selects only pages with the name "John Smith"

2) john and (smith or jones) - selects only pages with the names "John Smith" or "John Jones"

3) aesc not asc - selects pages with the term AESC and not ASC

4) john and * - selects pages with ALL names whose first name is John

5) "to be or not to be" - selects pages that contains the quoted phrase

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