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Where Are They Now?
Autodiners - Where are they, and what are they doing now?
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Autodiners, men and women, have passed through the AUTODIN System beginning as far back as 1960. Some are still working in the remnants of the original system (DTH Centers). Some Autodiners are now working in the new DMS system, yet to be fully deployed. And, sadly, some of our co-workers have passed away ... good friends and associates all.

Many of the Autodiners and other interested users who surf this web wonder where all of those folks are now. What are they presently doing? Are they active in some "communications system" capacity, or are they retired? Are they self-employed having started a business of their own? Are they  working for another company? What company and in what field? Are they still working in the DTH centers? Are they now working in the DMS network that is currently being developed and deployed as a replacement for AUTODIN?

Wherever they are, or whatever they are doing, please tell us what you know about your former co-workers and associates. Especially those that are not "connected" to The Internet, and cannot let us know personally about themselves!

The ALP web is a society of "stay in touch" communicators. As such, many of us would like to know where are associates of the past, and of the present, are ...

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